Dive into the vibrant world of Warka Beer as I guide you through two captivating campaigns, both featuring the charismatic Krzysztof Ibisz.
Firstly, we have Warka Radler, an effervescent blend of beer and fruit that's as refreshing as a punchline. With an unexpected twist of humor and a zest of surprises, this commercial is a true testament to the unexpected delight of Warka Radler.
Then we journey into the energetic realm of Warka Energy, the trailblazing concoction of non-alcoholic beer and an energy drink. This commercial pulsates with vivacity, embodying the electrifying spirit of the beverage itself.
Come and take a sip of these unforgettable campaigns. They're not just about selling beer, but about pouring life into the Warka brand, one enticing commercial at a time. Enjoy the show!
Agency: 2012
Creative Director: Maciek Marasek
Senior Art Director: Paweł Mazurkiewicz
Senior Copywriter: Sławek Klimkowski
Radler ad initial concept: Marcin Bondar
Account: Krzysiek Kiełpiński, Mirek Tyszkiewicz
Director: Tadeusz Śliwa
DOP: Maciek Ryter
Production House: Opus Film
Producers: Jarek Parzyjagła, Michał Cichomski
Post-production House: Rio de Post
Post-production supervisor: Jakbu Bos
Client: Warka / Grupa Żywiec

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